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We invite you to have a look at our "Symptoms & Enzymes" page to match a condition with an associated enzyme product. Please note that there are duplications of several symptoms as there may be several products that will assist in the treatment of that symptom.

A-B    C-D    E-F    G-H    I-J    K-L    M    N-P    R-S    T-U


Aching Joints    PureZyme
A need for detoxification    Electron Transport
A need for detoxification    TCA Energy Formula
Acidosis and Acidemia    Magnesium Complex
Acne/Gum disorders    Bacterial Detox
Acute Inflammation    PureZyme
Acute myocardial infarction    Magnesium Complex
Adrenal insufficiency    Potassium Complex
AIDS    Vitamin C Complex
Alcohol    Immune Complex
Alcohol Consumption*    DigestZyme *with PureZyme
Alcoholism    Vitamin C Complex
All nutritional disorders    Super CellZyme
Allergies    ReleaseZyme
Allergies (food or airborne)    Immune Complex
Alzheimer's disease    Vitamin C Complex
Anemia    Super CellZyme
Anemia    Electron Transport
Anemia    Heavy Metal Detox
Angina    Adrenal Complex
Angina    Magnesium Complex
Antioxidant    ExcellZyme
Anxiety    CalmZyme
Appetite control    BalanceZyme Plus
Arterial Plaque    LypoZyme
Arthritis    DigestZyme
Arthritis    Potassium Complex
Asthma    Adrenal Complex
Asthma    Bacterial Detox
Asthma    Magnesium Complex
Asthma    Vitamin C Complex
Atherosclerosis    Vitamin C Complex
Athletic Injuries    RepairZyme
ATP Balance    SportsZyme
Autoimmune disease    Adrenal Complex
Autoimmune disorders    Vitamin C Complex
Back Pain    GastroZyme
Breast Lumps*    DigestZyme *with PureZyme
Brittle nails    Thyroid Complex

A-B    C-D    E-F    G-H    I-J    K-L    M    N-P    R-S    T-U


Adrenal Complex
CancerMenopause    Vitamin C Complex
Candida    Plantadophilus
Candidiasis    PureZyme
Candidiasis    TPP Probiotic
Candidiasis    Vitamin C Complex
Candidiasis    Yeast/Fungal Detox
Canker Sore    GastroZyme
Capillary fragility    Vitamin C Complex
Cardiac Arrhythmias    Magnesium Complex
Cardiomyopathy    Magnesium Complex
Cardiovascular disease    Adrenal Complex
Cardiovascular disease    Magnesium Complex
Cataract    Vitamin C Complex
Cellular Damage    TPP Antioxidant
Cervical dysplasia    Vitamin C Complex
Children's Colic    TPP Carbo
Cholesterol    LypoZyme
Cholesterol / triglycerides    ReleaseZyme
Cholesterol/Triglyceride imbalances    TPP Inflammatory Control
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome    Plantadophilus
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome    Electron Transport
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome    Immune Complex
Chronic Flatulence    TPP Carbo
Chronic immune weakness    Bacterial Detox
Chronic skin conditions    TPP Inflammatory Control
Colds    DigestZyme
Colds    Plantadophilus
Colitis    GastroZyme
Combating chronic illness    TCA Energy Formula
Common cold    Adrenal Complex
Common cold    Vitamin C Complex
Congestive heart failure    Magnesium Complex
Constipation    BalanceZyme Plus
Constipation    Plantadophilus
Constipation    TPP Probiotic
Constipation    ReleaseZyme
Constipation    Liver Detox
Constipation    Thyroid Complex
Coronary artery disease    Vitamin C Complex
Crohn's Disease    GastroZyme
Crohn's disease    Vitamin C Complex
Cystitis*    DigestZyme *with PureZyme
Degenerative diseases    Electron Transport
Degenerative diseases    TCA Energy Formula
Demineralization    Trace Mineral Complex
Depression    Adrenal Complex
Depression    Thyroid Complex
Diabetes    LypoZyme
Diabetes    Immune Complex
Diabetes    Magnesium Complex
Diabetes    Potassium Complex
Diabetes    Vitamin C Complex
Diabetes (Adult onset, Type II)    Adrenal Complex
Diarrhea    GastroZyme
Diarrhea    Plantadophilus
Diarrhea    TPP Probiotic
Difficulty losing weight    Thyroid Complex
Digestive disorders    Liver Detox
Diminished enzyme capabilities    Trace Mineral Complex
Diuretic    PureZyme
Diverticulosis    GastroZyme
Dizziness    ExcellZyme
Dizziness    Heavy Metal Detox
Dry skin    Thyroid Complex
Dysbiosis    Yeast/Fungal Detox

A-B    C-D    E-F    G-H    I-J    K-L    M    N-P    R-S    T-U


Eating disorders    
Super CellZyme
Ebstein Barr Virus    Plantadophilus
Eczema    Vitamin C Complex
Eczema*    DigestZyme *with PureZyme
Elevated cholesterol/triglycerides    Thyroid Complex
Energy maintenance    Electron Transport
Energy Source    SportsZyme
Enzyme interactions    Vitamin C Complex
Fainting Spells    ExcellZyme
Fat Reduction    BalanceZyme Plus
Fatigue    ExcellZyme
Fatigue    Super CellZyme
Fatigue    Adrenal Complex
Fatigue    Heavy Metal Detox
Fatigue    TCA Energy Formula
Fatigue    Vitamin C Complex
FatiguePMS    Magnesium Complex
Fatty Acid Balance    LypoZyme
Fever    Viral Detox
FibromyalgiaStroke    Magnesium Complex
Flu    Plantadophilus
Folic acid and B12 deficiency    Immune Complex
Food Allergies    DigestZyme
Food Allergies    TPP Digest
Fungal imbalances    Yeast/Fungal Detox
Fungal Infestations    PureZyme

A-B    C-D    E-F    G-H    I-J    K-L    M    N-P    R-S    T-U


Gallbladder disease    Vitamin C Complex
Gallbladder stress    DigestZyme
Gastric\Duodenal Ulcer    GastroZyme
Gastritis    GastroZyme
Gastrointestinal Discomfort    TPP Gastro
Gingivitis    Vitamin C Complex
Glaucoma    Magnesium Complex
Glaucoma    Vitamin C Complex
Goiter (after removal)    ProstateZyme
Gout    GastroZyme
Hair loss    Thyroid Complex
Headache    ExcellZyme
Headache*    CalmZyme * with ExcellZyme
Headaches    Adrenal Complex
Headaches    Liver Detox
Headaches    Thyroid Complex
Hearing loss    Magnesium Complex
Heart palpitations    Potassium Complex
Heartburn    GastroZyme
Heavy Metal Toxins    TPP Protease
Heavy Metal Toxins    TPP Protease 375K
Hemolytic Anemia    Super CellZyme
Hepatitis    PureZyme
Hepatitis    Vitamin C Complex
Herpes simplex and zoster    Vitamin C Complex
Hiatal Hernia    GastroZyme
High blood pressure    Magnesium Complex
High blood pressure    Vitamin C Complex
High sugar consumption    Immune Complex
Hives    Vitamin C Complex
Hormonal imbalance    Super HormoneZyme
Hormonal Imbalance    ProstateZyme
Hyperactivity    CalmZyme
Hypertension    CalmZyme
Hypertension    Adrenal Complex
Hypertension    Potassium Complex
Hypoglycemia    PureZyme
Hypoglycemia    ProstateZyme
Hypoglycemia    Magnesium Complex
Hypothyroidism    ProstateZyme
Hysteria    CalmZyme

A-B    C-D    E-F    G-H    I-J    K-L    M    N-P    R-S    T-U


Immune Conditions    
TPP Probiotic
Immune suppression    Adrenal Complex
Impaired Gallbladder Function    TPP Digest
Impaired Kidney Function    TPP Protease
Impaired Kidney Function    TPP Protease 375K
Improve Digestion    DigestZyme
Improve Digestion    LypoZyme
Improved libido    Super HormoneZyme
Indigestion    Heavy Metal Detox
Infections    PureZyme
Infections    Vitamin C Complex
Infertility    Thyroid Complex
Infertility    Vitamin C Complex
Inhibits Translocation of Bacteria    TPP Probiotic
Insomnia    CalmZyme
Insulin secretion    Magnesium Complex
Intermittent claudication    Magnesium Complex
Intestinal malabsorption    Trace Mineral Complex
Iron deficiency    Immune Complex
Irritable Bowel Syndrome    Adrenal Complex
Irritable Bowel Syndrome    Immune Complex
Irritable Bowel Syndrome    Potassium Complex
Joint pain    Thyroid Complex

A-B    C-D    E-F    G-H    I-J    K-L    M    N-P    R-S    T-U


Kidney disease    Potassium Complex
Kidney Disorders    ExcellZyme
Kidney stones    Magnesium Complex
Lack of endurance    Super CellZyme
Lack of energy    Super CellZyme
Lack of strength    Super CellZyme
Lactose intolerance    Plantadophilus
Lactose Intolerance    TPP Probiotic
Legume (bean) Intolerance    TPP Carbo
Lethargy or fatigue    Thyroid Complex
Loss of Memory    ExcellZyme
Low Blood Sugar    TPP Carbo
Low HDL - cholesterol    Magnesium Complex
Low vitality    Electron Transport
Lower triglycerides    BalanceZyme Plus
Lower cholesterol    BalanceZyme Plus
Lowered protein synthesis    Immune Complex
Lymphatic congestion    Thyroid Complex

A-B    C-D    E-F    G-H    I-J    K-L    M    N-P    R-S    T-U


Macular degeneration    
Vitamin C Complex
Malabsorption    TPP Digest
Malabsorption    TCA Energy Formula
Memory enhancement    Super HormoneZyme
Menopause    ProstateZyme
Menstrual irregularities    Adrenal Complex
Menstrual problems    Thyroid Complex
Migraine*    CalmZyme * with ExcellZyme
Migraines    Magnesium Complex
Mitral valve prolapse    Magnesium Complex
Mitral valve prolapse    Vitamin C Complex
Modulation of the Immunce System    TPP Protease
Modulation of the Immunce System    TPP Protease 375K
Mucous Congestion    GastroZyme
Multiple Sclerosis    Immune Complex
Multiple sclerosis    Vitamin C Complex
Muscle pains    Heavy Metal Detox
Muscle weakness    Thyroid Complex
Muscle, Tissue Repair    RepairZyme
Muscular aches and chills    Viral Detox

A-B    C-D    E-F    G-H    I-J    K-L    M    N-P    R-S    T-U


Liver Detox
Nervous Disorders    CalmZyme
Nervousness    CalmZyme
Nightmares    CalmZyme
Obesity    LypoZyme
Obesity    Immune Complex
Osteoarthritis    Vitamin C Complex
Osteoporosis    PureZyme
Osteoporosis    Magnesium Complex
Overly active nervous system    Magnesium Complex
Oxidative stress    Electron Transport
Pallor    Heavy Metal Detox
Parasites    PureZyme
Parasites    ReleaseZyme
Parkinson's disease    Vitamin C Complex
Peptic ulcers    Vitamin C Complex
Periodontal disease    Vitamin C Complex
Peripheral vascular disease    Vitamin C Complex
PMS    Plantadophilus
PMS    ProstateZyme
PMS    Adrenal Complex
Poor coordination    Heavy Metal Detox
Poor digestion    TCA Energy Formula
Preeclampsia    Vitamin C Complex
Premature Aging    TPP Antioxidant
Premature aging    Trace Mineral Complex
Proper fat digestion    TPP Inflammatory Control
Psoriasis*    DigestZyme *with PureZyme
Purify Blood    PureZyme

A-B    C-D    E-F    G-H    I-J    K-L    M    N-P    R-S    T-U


Viral Detox
Recurrent infections    Thyroid Complex
Rejuvenating the immune system    Super HormoneZyme
Rejuvenation    SportsZyme
Reoccurring colds/flu    Viral Detox
Reoccurring infections    Viral Detox
Re-occurring infections    Bacterial Detox
Rheumatoid Arthritis    Adrenal Complex
Rheumatoid Arthritis    Immune Complex
Rheumatoid arthritis    Vitamin C Complex
Selenium deficiency    Immune Complex
Sensitivity to cold    Thyroid Complex
Serious weight reduction following loss of inches    BalanceZyme Plus
Sinus    DigestZyme
Skeletal Support    RepairZyme
Skin disorder    Yeast/Fungal Detox
Skin disorders    Liver Detox
Skin Eruptions    PureZyme
Skin ulcers    Vitamin C Complex
Slow Tissue Repair    TPP Inflammatory Control
Sports injuries    Vitamin C Complex
Stress    CalmZyme
Stress    Super CellZyme
Stress    Adrenal Complex
Stress (all types)    Immune Complex

A-B    C-D    E-F    G-H    I-J    K-L    M    N-P    R-S    T-Z


Therapy for menopause    
Super HormoneZyme
Toxic/food poisoning    ReleaseZyme
TPP Lypo    TPP Inflammatory Control
Tremors    Heavy Metal Detox
Ulcerative Colitis    Adrenal Complex
Ulcerative colitis    Potassium Complex
Ulcers    Adrenal Complex
Unexplained blood in the urine    GastroZyme
Vitamin B6 deficiency    Immune Complex
Vitamin C deficiency    Immune Complex
Weak digestion    Trace Mineral Complex
Weakened immunity    Viral Detox
Weakness    TCA Energy Formula
Weight gain/loss    ProstateZyme
Wound healing    Vitamin C Complex
Yeast/fungal infection    Immune Complex
Zinc deficiency    Immune Complex


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